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Construction, Operations and Decommissioning

  1. What economic benefits does the project bring?

During the project construction phase, there will be many people who will use local restaurants and hotels. When possible, qualified local laborers and craft workers will be hired. The project will pay property taxes as well, with the State assessing the facility and providing that assessment to the County for tax bill with minimal impact to services (no sewer, little police, little fire, no new schools).


  1. How many jobs will this project create?

Over the course of project construction, there may be 50-100 people working on the site at various times. 

There will be no fulltime jobs created during operations, as solar farms are fairly passive with only periodic maintenance required.  There are some very large solar projects that have fulltime employees, given the amount of maintenance, but not here.  Generally qualified local firms will be contracted for regular and unscheduled maintenance.


  1. Will there be a chance for local firms to bid the work?

It is always preferred to hire qualified, local firms. Whenever possible, RES makes an effort to hire locally.


  1. How can my firm get work?

Contact RES directly. Contact information can be found under the “Contact Us” tab.


  1. Will the project use water?

Water will be used during construction as needed to mitigate dust, and during operations to wash the modules.  For the most part, Colorado gets enough moisture to not require module washing.  All water will be brought in by truck, as needed.


  1. What will traffic be like?

There will be construction traffic, including 18-wheelers delivering supplies, during the construction phase of the project.  A traffic management plan will be implemented to ensure that all construction traffic is safe, appropriately timed, and minimized to the extent possible.

Once operational, the site is remotely monitored and rarely visited except for maintenance.  This is usually accomplished with 1-2 pick-up trucks or vans, depending on the crew. 


  1. Will project construction be noisy?

Noise primarily stems from two sources (i) construction traffic and (ii) during the pile driving process. RES seeks to do this during normal business hours to minimize disturbance to the community. Any noise generated during project operation is imperceptible. 


  1. What happens at the end of the project?

Per the lease with Aspen San, the project will be decommissioned and all components removed from Aspen San’s property with the ground stabilized.