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Site Studies

  1. What about the wildlife?

During the development process, RES engaged three separate firms to conduct environmental studies related to wildlife including SGM (Aspen, Glenwood Springs), SMITH Environmental and Engineering (Front Range), and Colorado Wildlife Science (Basalt). The studies determined that the value of the existing habitat is low and that no threatened and endangered species will be affected by the project. Additionally, the project area was determined to not encompass or lie within proximity to bighorn sheep, elk, moose, or mule deer winter range, severe winter range, winter concentration area, migration corridor, or production habitat. The site also meets all of the site selection criteria outlined by Defenders of Wildlife to avoid wildlife impacts.


  1. What about the airport? What about glare in the houses?

As part of the design process, the project was modeled in FAA-approved software to evaluate for glare and its impact on air traffic. The project was determined to have no adverse impact on air navigation. Similarly, areas adjoining the project site were evaluated for glare. The project was determined to have no adverse impact on the adjoining sites.